Toyota 1986



1986 toyota pu. carb, cal smog, 22r stdn trany.

The 9 pin conn. to the Emission Control Computer has the pin numbers marked on it. is this marking correct?

what wires go to which pins and sensors?


You’ll probably have to track down a service manual or a retired Toyota mechanic to sort that out.


Why is it that you suspect the pins might not be marked correctly?
Why do you question what pins go to what wires and what wires to what sensors?

What exactly are you trying to do?

You’ll definitely need a schematic to answer the questions, but I’m puzzled as to what you’re doing. Perhaps if we knew we could offer some suggestions. Are you trying to take signal measurements from the individual sensors?


If this truck no longer requires an emissions test, I would find a carb from an earlier non-feedback year or state (Toyota made 22R’s for a long time) and call it a day…

if you DO need a smog test, dealing with these nightmare “Dark Years” emissions controls is a NIGHTMARE…They changed configurations every 10 minutes trying to find something that worked…None of it did…


Does this file match up?


I bought a 1983 toyota truck from a guy for 300 bucks. He had swapped out the original engine for an 86 engine and transmission. I am trying to convert to a hybrid wiring. I have the 86 smog control box, and now I want to know the pin out for the wires and sensors so I can hook it up correctly to have minimum emissions. I have already taken the entire truck apart, and fixed, cleaned, painted etc all the parts. I do mean all the parts. So now I am building a wire harness and I need this pin out to get it right. I dont want to hook the wrong wire to the wrong pin and burn out the unit. Since the 13 pin conn is numbered with alternating top and bottom numbers, I wonder if the 9 pin is possibly marked by row, but wired in the same pattern as the 13 pin? As far as does this truck work, my 85 works just fine. The changes to these cal smog systems were year by year not day by day. This is a hobby truck for me, not a life and death repair situation. ok?


markbob, this file is good for the 13 pin conn. and as you see the numbers alternate between the top and bottom rows. but I need the pin out, color code for the 9 pin conn. and a confirmation of the pin numbers, are they row by row, or do they alternate?


Hybriding may get tricky. The only thing I can think to do would be to spread the '83 amd the '86 wiring schematics out side by side and see what goes where. You’ll probably have to add the components that were in the '86 (vs. the '83) just to get everything to match up.

I tip my hat to you. Having owned '79 and '89 Toyota pickups and enjoyed both for many years, I have a sweetspot for the old Toy pickups.