Honda Fit Wire Harness ID

Greetings fellow DYI car repairers.

My car is as recently the victim of a rat. She chewed through the carpet under the back seat where it connects to the floor (see attached pic).
She got halfway through a wire harness there before I could evict her.

Anyone know what those wires do? I’d like to try splicing them back together (they’re color coded), but not if it will cause a hazardous driving situation.

Thanks for you’re help!


Go ahead and splice them color to color. But do it correctly. No wire nuts! Don’t try and stretch the wires. There may be enough slack to make the connection but don’t expect a taught wire to hold.

You can twist and solder the wires and seal with a shrink sleeve. This works best with wires in a tight space that doesn’t flex. Crimp connectors with heat shrink sleeve works well, too, with the proper crimp tool. Any wire that needs lengthening do so with 2 crimp connectors.


Bottom line is. It doesn’t matter what they do, if there is bare wire there is always a chance of disastrous results.


I suck at soldering, so I would use a terminal block connector. If your wires have no slack, get two block connectors and some extra wire. Terminal block connectors are designed to connect multiple wires near each other while preventing cross connections.

Don’t forget to disconnect the battery.