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Wire Looms

I’ve got a '93 Camaro Z28, with the 5.7L V8 engine. I recently had the plugs and wires replaced, and when the job was done the car’s wire looms…pretty much disintegrated from being on the car for sixteen years with all that heat and oil and crud on them. So I need to replace them. Problem is GM doesn’t make an OE replacement, so off to Summit Racing I went to get a new part. I’ve got the parts…now all I have to do is put them on (my mechanic has a policy about not installing parts they themselves didn’t buy, thanks to several customers bringing the incorrect parts and insisting they were right). So what’s the best way to tackle this? There isn’t what you’d call a surplus of room under that hood. I know the looms bolt to the cylinder head, but I’m not sure exactly how to get to them without removing a bunch of stuff.

Yours may be different but some of mine have been metal brackets with a plastic hood slipped over the top. The plastic “hood” had the shapes molded into it to capture the wires.

The brackets simply slipped under the heads of the valve cover bolts.

When one of them failed due to oil/heat/age, I simply swapped the plastic parts from the new->old brackets. If the parts are not interchangeable, then you can temporarily loosen the valve cover bolts to swap the entire bracket out for the new one. Just don’t over-torque the bolts when you tighten them back down.

I also have some super show quality wire guides that are anodized aluminum. The parts that capture the wires are bolted together rather than the el-cheapo plastic semi-circle clip variety. But the brackets mount the same.

If this is off base, perhaps you can post a link to the summit site with the looms you bought so we can see exactly what you’re talking about.

To do this job with good results you need good skils including good improvisation abilites. You probably can find a mechanic that will do the job if you pay enough. How much are you willing to pay to make your problem someone elses?

Is your mechanic willing to install new looms if he picks the parts? This may be the best path for you to take.

These are the parts I bought. The OE part is no longer available–the guy at the Chevy dealer parts counter told me they were discontinued years ago.

The description on the website seems to explain it pretty well. It bolts on top of the valve covers, assuming your valve covers are center bolted. You run the wires through the chevy emblem and use the other separators to make it neat. Don’t know what your engine bay actually looks like so access might be difficult and stock wires may not be long enough to route with this kit.

That’s actually the sort of help I was looking for. The question isn’t so much how to bolt them on, but the easiest way to bolt them on. The engine bay in this car is not what you’d call…commodious. That motor’s wedged in there fairly tight.