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Need direction to a parts dealer

Have twisted heater/ac cables under control dash, current dealer cannot repair, says parts unavailable. Called Japan, the car parts are no longer available. Need help.

Forgot to add to message, Toyota Camry 1994, needing cable parts

Salvage Yard. That’s Where All The Old Camrys Go To Die.
Use A Cadaver Cable From The Exhumed Body Of An Old Camry And Transplant It In Your Old Camry.

Get the part number from your dealer so that there is no mistake what you are looking for.

In similar pinches before, I’ve made cables out of single strand lawnmower push/pull throttle cables; cut and ends bent to fit. It’s cheap, easy, and works.
Just something for consideration if you’re at the end on parts procurement. Many shops may balk at even doing this but it’s a legitimate, workable repair.

There is even special wire available in spools for making up inner cables along with a special tool for bending the ends but it would be extremely, extremely difficult to find a shop with the wire and tool. This falls under the hen’s teeth category… :slight_smile: