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95 Ford Windstar / Wire Loom

Can anyone tell me how much it might cost to replace a wire loom on a 95 ford windstar?

web page with prices…

wire loom ?
Which of 22 ‘wire looms’ are you replacing and why?
Follow along the loom till you come to a tag number, do not cross over a plug junction to the next loom, go the other direction till you find a tag. Letters and numbers like F58F on top of the group number like 14289, then off to the right the sufix letters.

On a truck this age it’s probably obsolete and repairing it one wire at a time is just as easy in many cases.

Ken, I realy didn’t know there was more than one.
I took my car to a garage because it was hissing under the hood and I thought I blew a hose or something. All fluids were OK, still had heat, car was not overheating, check engine light came on. Maccanic told me he replaced 2 hoses but I would still hear the hissing and that I needed to take the car to a Ford Dealer to repair the rest. He said I need to have them replace the air tube and wire loom because wires had melted from the heat from me driving the car. When I asked him if it was going to be ok to drive it ot the other garage, he said yes because he replaced the 2 other hoses. I’m not sure I got this right, but I think he said the air tube had something to do with exaust return that burns the exaust a second time. God knows I don’t know what I’m talking about. Does any of this make sense to you.

I’ll take this to my techs and get back to you.
This is a Ford dealer at which I’ve been a parts man for 30 years. Your description thus far does not instantly lead me to the part number.

Most times a wire harness is repairable. Each wire that is dammaged can have a length of new wire splice in. This is a labor intensive job ( wire and splices don’t cost a lot ) and prices can be compared for the most efficiet fix.

More info from your tech would be helpful, ie; to which components does the harness plug in ? What functions are not ? Which v6 in your windstar, 3.0 or 3.8 ?

Hi Ken,
My engine is a 3.0. The mechanic that told me the wires were melted said they were comming from the body and thats probably why the check engine light came on. He doesn’t do engine work, only brakes,front end alignment,exaust,oil,etc. Sorry I couldn’t be more precise.I just want you to know I appreciate you helping me. At least I can question if the wires can be spliced and maybe save something