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Wire connectors in 1992 Honda Accord

Greetings all, I have a wiring issue. I have found a broken conductor in my brake light system, which causes my right and high-mount brake lights not to function. If I give the wire a good wiggling and fanangaling, I can get all the brake lights to come on, but eventually they go out again after driving for a few days. The problem I have is this: I don’t know how to release the wire from its terminations. Unfortunately, I think the break is close to the connector (away from the bulb socket), so I can’t just cut out the middle and splice in a new conductor. Does anybody know how to free the wires from this connector and bulb socket? I’m afraid to do too much tinkering for fear of pulling loose another, undamaged wire.


P.S. The wire in question is the orange one.

They make a tool that releases the terminals from the connector. However sometimes a paper clip or a scribe can be used to release the terminals. Here’s a link that describes how to remove terminals from connectors.


Thanks for the link tester. I have to get up close to my own connector again to make sure it is the same lock.

The tools aren’t expensive. You can get them on line or at Radio Shack.

If that connector plugs into another connector with wires on it, some mechanics would just cut the wire on both sides of the connector and just bypass the connector. Wire is cheap after all.

I just looked at my connector up close again, and I can’t seem to figure out where I would insert that U shaped tool. There are no real holes or gaps on either side of the connector. Does that sound right? The linked instructions didn’t actually show where they were putting it in.