High mount brake light wire broke

I snapped the green wire attached to the high mount brake light bulb socket while trying to replace a burned out bulb. Trying to figure out if I can fix this myself or someone who isn’t a dealer. Hard to even find the part…

If you would have showed an image of the socket where the wire broke off would have been more helpful.


Is this it? Socket and wire

Looks like if the dealer doesn’t sell the socket assembly, then your local salvage yard should have one… Just cut and splice the wires…
There maybe quite a few different Hyundai’s that use that same socket so you may want to take it with you to match up…

Until then make sure you tape up the wires so they don’t touch anything and short out… and separately not together… lol

The description sure sounds like it but there picture doesn’t show the wires included…

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Hillbilly me, strip the end of the green wire and end in the socket, solder in a patch, insulate with heat shrink No big deal


I completely agree with you, but I am going to go out on a limb here and say if the OP is asking how to repair one broken wire, they probably don’t know how to solder… :wink:

EDIT: and it would be pretty hard to strip the wire being broke off in/flush with the socket… As Purebred reminded us to look at the picture again… oops

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I think we were taught how to solder in 7th grade shop. Of course dad also weighed in. I don’t know if they still teach it or not but I think we covered it in cub scouts too. Kinda basic stuff.

I think I am one of the younger ones on here but I took shop classes in HS and learned how to weld (and work a grinder lol) work a lathe etc etc, but for the life of me I never remember being taught how to Solder, I had to figure it out myself…

We only had shop in junior high and after that couldn’t do college prep and sop classes. We made little metal boxes and had to solder the joints. So only minor metal work and wood work but dad soldered and welded. We did have electronic soldering in basic training signal school though.

Problem for theOP, wire broke inside the socket, not enough room to splice and solder.

Look at the picture again before dissing the OP.


Looking at the picture the broken wire is too short to be broken in the socket.
if you look at the top of his pointer finger it looks like the other part of the green wire.

The bulb socket may have connectors. If so, you can pull off the one with the broken wire and find one at an auto parts store. Then you have to strip the old wire and solder it into the new connector. It’s good to insulate the exposed part of the connector with shrink tube (put on before soldering, then shrink in connector after soldering) or use electrical tape. I prefer shrink tubing. If the wire is an integral part of the connector, then you may have to buy a new bulb socket. I needed new headlight sockets for a 2010 Cobalt and found them on the parts display at Pep Boys. The new one will have two wires sticking out. Strip them, cut the wires off the old connector and strip the two wires from the harness. Put the shrink tube on the wires, then twist the two mating ends together and solder them. Finish off by shrinking the shrink tube over the bare wires.


Thanks y’all. Appreciate the suggestions.