Weird Brake Light Problem

One of the brake lights on my car does not work. All of the other ones do. I have changed the bulb, but the brake light still does not go on. The indicator light for the brake light outage on the instrument cluster is still illuminated.

Now, here’s the weird part. When I click the key fob to lock the doors, the bulb in question illuminates as expected. So the replacement bulb definitely works, and there’s juice going to it. I’m wondering what could be wrong here: a bad relay or switch, a burnt out fuse? I’d appreciate any ideas that anyone would have

This car is a 2001 Honda Accord, by the way.

If you can get to the wiring, disconnect and clean the ground wire that screws to the body. I kope it’s an obvious one like in the older days. The sockey might need some cleaning with a wire brush or a screwdriver.

The flash that acknowledges your alarm system is the dim side of the circuit. the brakes use the bright side of the circuit. continue with the above advice cleaning grounds and contacts. then follow the harness looking for broken wires. ( we’ve had customers with animal chews cutting their wires. )