Wipers stopped working 1996 Infiniti G20

Due to the freeze here in Chicago , the ‘right linkage rod’ disconnected or broke from the internal center pivot. (driver side left linkage rod is OK) I was able to access the linkage assembly underneath the vented cover and get to the problem. I cleaned it all up and was able to put the left rod back onto the pivot joint but it isnt secured. It is of a ball and socket joint and it just pops off when i run the motor. How is this part secured? I didnt see any loose or broken parts in the chamber. I want to avoid having to buy the pivot itself if i can. For a 96 G20 were talking around 50-60$ Is there some type of ‘snap on’ or clamping device i can purchase? Can i just replace the right linkage rod(12$) which would have the proper attachment for the pivot? A prompt response would be very much appreciated guys ~please