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Windshield wiper linkage

My windshield wipers went out on my 2015 Gmc terrrain. I’m not sure the exact names of the parts but one of the arms on the linkage I believe the bushing has a small piece broken off. It keeps slipping off and my wipers won’t work. Do I need to buy a whole new unit, or can I just find that bar with the bushing already on it, or can I just get a bushing?

It depends on the car. On my Toyota Avalon, I had the same problem. Wipers suddenly stopped, in heavy rainstorm. Motor was good. I found that the part of linkage that attached to the motor shaft was worn. Toyota did not sell bushings alone, I was about to get hammered for $200+ for an entire linkage. Someone on ToyotaNation suggested I buy a 5/8 inch “e-clip” , put linkage back on motor shaft, and then secure with “e-clip”. That was four years ago. It still works. Cost me a 50 cents for the clip.

Where did you put the e clip? I’m going to try this. Thank you!

The e clip went at the end of the wiper motor shaft, so as to “lock” the linkage onto the shaft. Normally, the bushing on the linkage would have locked it onto the shaft, but it got worn out. The motor shaft had a circular depression around it (yours might not) which allowed the e clip to seat.

Head over to Pep Boys

Look to see if they have a Dorman “help” assortment of windshield wiper linkage bushings. Dorman makes several different kits, and if the store carries them, one of the kits might have the part(s) you need

Otherwise, Dorman sells the entire linkage . . . part number 602-211

Seems like the linkage is kind of pricey . . . well over $100 plus tax and/or s/h

Thank you! I hate to buy the whole unit when it’s just one bar I need or a bushing. That’s my next option if I don’t get the other trick to work! Thanks for the part number also.

Ok! Thank you. I’ll give it a shot, and see what happens. When I put it together it works on every speed but high. A small piece of the bushing broke off. It’s sort of like a rounded ball that pops into the bushing. With that small piece missing it keeps popping out.

Maybe a hairpin clip of the proper size will hold the linkage together.

I know ACE hardware sells them.


Thank you! I will add it to my list!