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Wipers on 1999 Camry

Even though I replace the blades with Toyota parts every 3 months or so, the wiper on the driver’s side “hops” across the windshield unless there is a lot of water or snow. It’s very irritating!

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hops in one direction or both. If in one direction it probably is not “flopping” over all the way when it reversed. That would mean that the arm needs to be bent so it is flatter. Are you replacing the blades or arms? The average driver needs to replace blades about every six months so three months would not be too bad if you are in a high stress area. That said, if the driver side goes first, and you are replacing the blades, your arm most likely needs tweaking. You can also try to clean the wiper blades regularly. Just wipe them off, with a rag, paper towel or sponge every time you clean the windshield.

When Consumer Reports tested wipers, they found that, curiously, the replacement blades did not last as long as replacement arms. They also found that some of the dealer replacements lasted longer than aftermarket.

When I had the same problem on my 02 Sonata I simply tweaked the wiper arm just a touch with 2 crescent wrenches.

If it’s “hopping” in one direction only you need to twist the wiper arm until it is oriented 90 degrees to the windshield.

It’s also possible that the wiper arm needs replacing. Part way up the arm is an articulated joint with a tension spring underneath that holds the blade against the glass. The pivoting parts of the arms become corroded over time and the joint no longer functions properly.

Aftermarket replacement arms can be bought at parts stores for abou $15 to $25 depending on the arm. They’ll be some on the parts counter hooks, and the counter clerk can special order one if your replacement version isn’t on the hooks.

Replacing them on this car requires poping the cap off the stem part of the wiper arm, unscrewing the nut underneath it, and pulling the arm directly up off the splined rotating post. You may need to wiggle it some. If it won’t come off, some penetrating oil and perhaps even a puller may be necessary.

As others have suggested, try twisting the wiper arm a bit, one way or the other, until the blade is perpendicular to the glass. If the wiper arm spring is weak, you may need a new arm. But try “tweaking” it first.