I CAN'T See Clearly Now

The wipers on my '01 Taurus will not wipe cleanly. I have replaced them several times with different brands & types of blades and no change. They seem to wipe cleanly on the initial pass, but smear on the return pass. It leaves a streak on the windshield right about where the wiper arm attaches to the blade. Thinking there might be something on the glass, I’ve tried cleaning it with different cleaners & solvents, but it made no difference. Could the arm springs be weak? Any other ideas?

Yes, they could be weak or (more commonly) corroded at the point where they articulate. They’re also easily replacable. You can buy replacement wiper arms at any parts store. I’ve not done a Taurus specifically, but have done some on other makes. Typically there’s a top cap that pops up using a common screwdriver, exposing a hex bolt or nut. Remove the bolt or nut and the arm should pull up off of the shaft. The shaft will be splined. Reverse the process for installing the new arm.

Once you pick up the new arm its installation shoudl become obvious.

Thanks for the help! I’ll give it a try!

Another common issue is the wiper arm may not be parallel to the glass. That means it will wipe different on the return. It may need to be adjusted (bent a little)