Wipers Park in Middle of Windshield

I have a 2001 Chevy S-10 and the wiper motor went out. I replaced the motor (with new circuit board) and the wipers work again. However, when the wipers are turned off they park in the middle of the windshield. When they are operated on intermittent setting they briefly pause in the middle of the windshield as well and then continue with a complete cycle. When they run on the low or high setting they operate fine. I have replaced the wiper/dimmer switch on the steering column and have also swapped out the circuit board but the wipers continue to do this. I have even disconnected the battery when the wipers are at the bottom of the windshied during a cycle in hopes of resetting the memory with no luck. Is there another relay switch that I am overlooking or does the motor somehow need to be reset? Thank you for your time!