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Wipers, blower, signals, defrost, all live die together

Starting this winter when my Jetta gets cold over night, the windshield wipers, turning signals, heater/AC/Fresh air blower, and rear window defrost all stop working. As the car heats up, they eventually come back on again at the same time. If I shut the car off after that, they all die again together. I have been trying to find some connection somewhere in the car that connects these systems but have been unsuccessful. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

The car is a 2001 VW Jetta station wagon and other than this, it has been a fantastic car.

Check the ground wire that connects the engine to the body. There is one on every car. The body end usually hes to be cleaned by scraping it and reconnecting it.

I agree that this is likely to be a grounding problem.
The gap in the bad ground connection increases when the engine is cold, and it decreases when the engine is hot, thus leading to the on-again, off-again situation.

Wow! Thanks for the fast response! I cleaned the ground and everything seems to be working fine! Thanks!