Wiper speed down, check engine light on, 05 Accord

I have a 2005 honda accord. When I was driving today it started to rain, so I turned on my wipers, at first they were ok, but later I noticed the wipers speed went down, and then the check engine light came on, I was still able to use the wipers and everything looked fine. I just had someone changed my oil on Tuesday. I got a new car and I only drove less than one hour per week using this old car. Is it possible the battery or alternator is bad? I will read the code tomorrow. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks so much.

Post the exact code and we may be better able to help you. In the meantime…you should have your battery, alternator and alternator drive belt checked. Splashing rain can cause a loose or weak belt to slip which can cause the problems that you were experiencing.

Sounds like the battery was run down from sitting and then it rained before the car could fully recharge your battery sooo, you had the wipers on, maybe the headlights, defroster and some news on the radio… and the alternator couldn’t keep up with all the electrical loads PLUS charge your battery. Check Engine comes on because of a low voltage condition.

Yes, let us know the code. That will help confirm my guess or direct the discussion to an alternator or belt.

How old is the battery and has it been tested recently? An older, dying, battery will tax a charging system even more under the circumstances you describe.