Electrical Short in the Rain

I have a 2003 Honda Accord that I bought used two years ago. Lately, when it rains heavily, the battery light on the dash turns on and the power steering shuts off. I’ve had to pull over a couple of times. The problem only happens when I drive over 20 mph, solves itself within a minute after I stop, and never happens when it’s dry outside. I think the problem has to do with splash from water on the road. Does anyone know what’s going on, and how I can fix it? It’s pretty dangerous.


does it make any squealing noises when it’s doing this?

Is the splash guard missing under the car?

If I remember correctly, it does. They aren’t very loud, and only last a moment at a time.

Check your belts for proper tightness and condition.

My mechanic went over the belts a few weeks ago, but the problem persisted.

Did he check the tensioner?

Again is the splash guard under the nose of the car?

As implied above, it does sound like the belt(s) driving the alternator and power steering pump is getting wet and slipping.

It looks like there’s no splash guard- do y’all think that’s letting water onto the belt?

Yes. Get a splash guard and this will fix your problem. Water and electricity do not mix.