Wiper blades

It seems that when I replace original wiper blades the replacements do not last near as long as original equipment.Is there a reason for this?

I don’t know if there’s a reason, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who notices that. I think that OEMs probably just put really high-quality wiper blades on the car.

Another thought that has crossed my mind is that over time, the springs in the wiper arms weaken and the shape of the arm can deform or get bent slightly. If that happens as the OEM wiper blades wear, when you go to put on new blades, they that working against them. Just an idea.

Consumer Reports evaluated wiper blades and found that aftermarket blades rarely matched up with dealer blades. You get what you pay for, except the very high end, which can be costly. Get your blades from the dealer if you want them to stay the same. If you get aftermarket, I have found that the natural rubber ones operate a little quieter, which is important to me.

Two reasons. First the OEM’s are better than most replacements and the windscreen may have some minor surface damage.

Generally if you buy OEM from the dealer or if you buy the better quality blades from the parts store you will be happy. I recommend Bosh Icon, Michelin and RainX blades right now. As it happens they are all the new design and they all seem to be using good rubber so they should last. They are also all expensive.