Which Repacement Wiper Blades

The last time that I changed wiper blades, I used Rain-X Latitude that are carbonized rubber and have done a pretty good job. I see that Armor-All now makes a silicon blade. Both are expensive, but it is a safety issue and I change out the blades once a year or less if they start to smear or streak. I also use Rain-X Reppellant on all the windows and outside mirrors and Rain-X windshield washer.

My question is, which blade would be better? Logic points me toward the Armor-All silicon.

Happy Motoring,

Al in Maryland

I’ve had expensive blades let me down. If you’re happy with the Rain-X, then stick with them. Consumer Reports liked those, the Anco, and the Michelin Rain Force.

Buy inexpensive blades and replace them every 3-6 months. You will be far happier with the performance vs getting ones that cost two to three times as much and using them twice as long.

I changed mine out before winter and somewhere after winter.

Another big help is the Rain-X windshield wash fluid. It builds up a film on your windshield where you don’t really need wipers unless rain is pretty heavy.

I’ve had good luck with Bosch Icon blades. They are long-lived, I got two years out of the last set before they finally started streaking and making noise. My neighbor worked for Trico for many years, and he would often supply us with free windshield wipers. Those were hit and miss, some would last for about 3 months, some would last for a year.

I’ve been using Bosch Icon blades on both of my cars for the last few years and I’m very happy with their performance and long life.

Last time I changed blades I used the premium Michelin blade on the left. Since they were out of my size on the right I used a cheaper blade. ($4 as opposed to $16 for the Michelin) The cheaper one out performed & outlasted the premium. Lesson learned for me!