I went to the store to buy

… windshield wiper blades. I saw prices ranging from $4/blade to $18/blade. I decided to buy a blade @$10.95. My logic was pretty simple: a cheap blade wasn’t good enough because it’s cheap and on the other hand who would ever pay $18 for a wiper blade (I don’t even want to know what the dealer would charge for OEM blades).

I later found out one of my friends does buy the $18 blades “because they must be a whole lot better because they cost a lot more.” And he replaces them at least twice a year. I replace mine when they need replacing.

I live in Michigan so I need a durable blade to put up with the winter weather.

By the way, the OEM blades lasted about 2.5 years.

What do you buy? How long do they last? How much do you pay?

I don’t put enough thought into my wiper blades to be brand loyal or to know how often I change them. I change them when they wear out, and I buy from either Walmart or Pep Boys whatever blades are reasonably priced.

Sometimes, you get what you pay for, but not always.

I still try to find refill replacements, but they are getting harder and harder to find. I clean the wiper blades off with a paper towel frequently and they last about a year. When I find refills I stock up so haven’t bought blades in awhile. $6-7 bucks used to be my limit, that’s probably $10 now.

I don’t go for the hyped “triple action” or whatever blades, nor the el cheapo brands either. Basic style of Trico works good for me.

Walmart —Anco brand — $3-5/ last about a year…mid-coast Maine so they get used quite often.

I buy them like you (middle price). For everything, they’ll come up with a super-expensive version for those that ‘want the best’. Often it’d no better than the middle-priced version, sometimes even worse.

I use Bosch Icon wipers. I’ve had for two years on my car, and they still don’t chatter or smear. I paid about $38 for a pair. They have performed better than I expected and I find the bracketless beam design aesthetically pleasing. Previously I had used Trico wipers, they usually lasted less than a year, but they were free since my neighbor (who has since retired) was a sales rep for them.

I suspect these could last another year or so, but I’ll probably replace them in the spring.

I have Bosch Icons on my car and my wife’s van. I find that the beam type blades are vastly better in the winter when dealing with snow and ice. The regular style seems to clog with ice and I can’t get them to wipe properly no matter what I do.

No way a wiper blade made of rubber will last two years, at least if you want it to work properly.
Of all the kinds I have tried the new arc shaped silicone blades work the best and last the longest. There’s no need for a seperate winter blade, as there’s no metal hinging, and the blade always stays in contact with the glass. Cost is about $15 each, but they work better and last longer. Mine have been on 1.5 years, not torn and still clearing the window fine-- in MA, snow, salt, ice, etc.
The logic of something MUST be good or bad based on price fails miserably.

I’ve been using Bosch Icon blades on my cars. They’re expensive, but I’ve never found a better wiper blade. They seem to last a little longer than the less expensive blades, too.

Consumer Reports tested wiper blades last year, and they found some inexpensive brands that worked well. However, they recommend replacing wipers every six months.

“The logic of someting MUST be good or bad based on price fails miserably.”

Here is one way to get 2 years out of a set of wiper blades if the vehicle has a rear wiper: Replace the front blades and the rear blades in alternate years. In the alternate years where the front blades aren’t replaced, tackle stormy weather in reverse.

Last time I bought them I sprung for Michelin all season blades. Had 'em on sale for $16. Their advertising really talked them up…good for snow, ice, rain, etc. They didn’t have the size for my passenger side however. For that side I bought the cheap $4 blade. VERY dissapointed in the Michelin…didn’t last 2 months and it started streaking. It was worse the colder it got…seemed to stiffen up and not wipe cleanly. The $4 blade is still going strong & works great. So much for getting what you pay for!

I was going to try this on my car (the new blades went on my wife’s car). You already did it. Thanks for the input.

I’ve been using the Michelin for the last couple of years. Buy them at Wallmart for about the same price as all the others. Never had a problem with Anco or Bosch either.

I’ve thought of buying the new arc blades but my wallet keeps saying “NO NO NO”.

Typically I go through two sets of $3 summer blades and one set of $6 rubber-booted winter blades a year. But, when they start streaking I replace them, no matter how new they are. I’m a fanatic for clear vision.

What dealer ?
I sure wish youall would stop bad mouthing dealers.

My Ford dealer, Motorcraft o.e. blades ( metal blade housing, not plastic )

WW2023 20" fits most, even non-ford 20" sells for $ 10.33

Refills are so hard to get right because there are too many manufacturers doing different things for the same applications. 50 % of all refills come back “these don’t fit” with the packages torn to shreds.

ken…I don’t want to start am argument here but there is a “reason” we bad mouth dealers. A very good reason.

Whatever reason people badmouth dealers, those same reasons/excuses can be applied to independent shops also, no ifs ,ands or buts.

In the fall I buy winter blades and in the spring I go back to a “normal” blade. I will not buy house brands or cheapies but I never get top of the line either.

I buy the least expensive Anco wipers at Walmart and they last about 4-6 months. I find more expensive wipers last no longer nor wipe much better. You can get much more life out of wipers but they do not work as well as when newish. Harld worth it.

I do like Rain-X wiper fluid that leaves a film on my windshield.

Ken, my own 40 years of experience in shopping for and buying all kinds of parts has taught me that dealers usually charge more for the same parts and services, often twice as much. I understand the whole issue of having to use manufacturer spec’ed parts ordered through the manufacturer’s parts supply chain, but the bottom line is that dealer’s usually charge more. That’s not badmouthing, that’s just facts.

Are you sure you’re not being a bit overly defensive?