Wiper Arm Assemblies for a Saturn SL1

I own a 1999 Saturn SL1 with super low mileage and it is in great shape. The wiper arm assemblies though, are becoming very rusted. GM discontinued making them at the end of 2012. I have contacted every Auto Supply store in my area with no luck. I have also visited many websites, but nobody has them.
I find it hard to believe that no third party company manufactures them, but I can not find any off-brand for these assemblies. As a last resort, I have considered removing the assemblies, somehow removing the rust and then repainting them.

Have any idea’s or suggestions on where I might locate the Wiper Arm Assemblies? Are there any other GM brands whose Wiper Arm Assemblies will fit a Saturn? Any other manufacturer who make anything similar?

Thanks for any help.


I would sand them down and repaint them with a flat black paint. Removal of the arm is not necessary, just remove the blade assembly and put a drop cloth or newspaper under the arm when you paint. Sand with sand paper first, then with a red scotchbrite pad. I would recommend a rust retardant paint like Rustoleum. Oil the spring and hinge with either a good motor oil or a product like PB Blaster or Seafoam or, if you can get it, Breakfree gun oil.

I agree with Keith. If its just appearance refinish it. SEM makes a bumper and trim paint that will give that semi flat black trim color to match if thats what it has. Available at NAPA. I’ve only had to replace one wiper arm years ago due to the spline getting stripped. Cost me $80 for my Buick 20 years ago so I’d just refinish.

You may have to do some window (windshield) shopping at a junkyard. The people there may find you some from another junkyard but that’s another way to end up with rusty wiper arms.