2004 Toyota Echo 5-door hatchback rear wiper removal

2004 Toyota Echo 5-door hatchback (Canadian): Trying to replace the rear wiper arm assembly (VERY expensive)… Struggled - and finally succeeded - to remove the corroded nut that secures the arm in the motor shaft, but apparently the arm mount “cylinder” is similarly corroded to the motor shaft…

Seeking suggestions as to how best I might free this arm and remove it, without compromising the threaded shaft from the motor? I believe the threads are only at the top, where the 10mm nut secures the arm to the shaft… and that the shaft itself is smooth (as is the inside of the blade “cylinder” that slide down over that shaft).

This vehicle shares the identical rear wiper arm assembly/motor with the 2004~2006 Scion Xb models…

Thank you for your time and consideration!


You can try a little penetrating oil. Give it some time to work. The spring that presses the the wiper against the glass also puts quite a side load on the shaft making the arm difficult to remove. Try lifting the wiper away from the window while pressing toward the window on the shaft side of the hinge. Try rocking it a little. Not a great description, I know. It is easier to do than explain. If the arm is really corroded the to shaft you might need a puller. Google: wiper arm puller tool. There are several types.