Snow driving gripe

I live in cleveland and we just had our first big snow. I was exited 'til i tried to drive home from work. It took me 3 yes THREE hours to drive five and and a half miles. Why you ask?

Was it the snow? Nope

Were the roads impassable? Nope

Were there lots of accidents and cars on the side of the road? Nope

The reason was people couldn’t seem to grasp the concept that entering an intersection with no clear chance of clearing it will cause gridlock. Am I alone in realizing that this has a chain reaction effect?

I never understood why places had the “Don’t block the box laws”, now I do. Thanks for listening to my gripe.

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For some reason bad weather brings out the craziness in people, especially drivers, and they will do stupid things they wouldn’t do ordinarily. I see it all the time, especially when the first snow of the year falls.

It’s everywhere, not just in Cleveland.

That’s Just One Reason I Left The City Behind Years Ago. At One Time I Commuted 24 Miles, Straight Shot, 48 Timed Traffic Lights. Going The Speed Limit, It Was A Half Hour.

Throw in a little snow or anything that slowed traffic or caused wheel spin and it would go up to 2 hours (stopping at all 48 intersections) .

Now I live on the shore of a remote 10,000 acre lake. Where I live now, just figure approximately a mile a minute year-round. My kids gew up here and can’t stand city life.

I feel your pain.
"[b]You are living a reality I left years ago. It quite nearly killed me.[/b]" (Crosby, Stills, Nash, And Young.)


Well carve, there is a near limitless amount of possibilities for what can go wrong, I remember in fourth grade we moved from Duluth,MN to Kirkwood, MO, a St. Louis suburb. They got an inch of snow and the city basically closed. I remember my mom passing people that went really slow down a hill, then at the bottom hit the gas and made a convoluted train of sideways cars stranded on the roadway.

Can I come visit? Neal young Harvest moon?

Just for kicks.

Yeah. I mean I expected it to take longer. Even after I finally gave up and started taking the unplowed side streets I was only hitting 15-20. I just feel like if everyone was able to go when their light was green then it would have been a lot faster, or at least less frustrating.

Trust me, you don’t need snow on the ground for people to be extra cautious in cold weather. The other morning I got behind someone who was making a left turn at a light, there was no snow on the ground, 6:20am, and he took the turn like there was 5 inches of snow on the ground; i.e. very, VERY slowly

I was out driving when police were issuing tickets for that. It wasn’t snowing but I was happy to see some enforcement.

Waterboy, Funny You Should Mention That ! I Have Just 3 Or 4 CDs In The Bonneville And Harvest Moon Is Right Within Easy Reach In The Driver’s Door Pocket. Great Album !!

In fact Carveaholic should have one handy for stting in traffic. What do you think ?

Oh, and come on up !


P.S. I’m downloading the video (rural phone-line dial-up modem). Should be ready in about a half hour, but who’s in a rush, eh ?

“Block the box” in London and it will cost you several day’s pay, and rightly so.

NOW I know why they say that Cleveland is just like Detroit but without the glitter!

Don’t say that! I love Cleveland.