Windstar REM?

I’m having electronic issues with my windstar. Tail lights stay on after shutting off .
all dome and interior lights stay on when ignition is on.
key fob doesn’t lock or unlock.
Gas gauge reads empty.
what can I do?
Today, now, not starting. Turn key, not even a click. Theft light flashing. Got power and starter is good. is there a reset?

Wow, you got it bad. Windstars have had electric problems about 15 seconds since the vehicle was ok’d.
The interior light problem is either a bad ignition switch or a short in a wire in the lt rear upper roof area between the roof and headliner.

A proper repair is to drive the vehicle out in the country about 3 in the morning and hope a deer creams your car (:

You need to get at the REM to see if it’s getting wet. This is what causes them to be replaced.

It’s located behind the right cargo area panel. You first need to remove the jack/handle to get at it.


I have seen the REM. It does appear to have been wet at its about 20 degrees. I have found a a replacement REM with same serial# hope that’s it. Will this also help antitheft issue?

As I said before, if the REM is replaced you must first upload the programing from the old REM so it can be downloaded to the replacement REM. And this can only be done with a dealer type programer.

The REM is part of the anti-theft system.


Found a REM. with same I.D numbers took all this time to search .Easily swapped and works programing. Thanks all.

Anti theft issue was keys needed reprogramming. That was a dealer fix for $150.