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Worthless Windstar

My 2000 Ford Windstar is getting to be impossible. I’m on a limited budget,so a

mechanic is not an option. Can someone help? A small list of problems: The power windows quit working, the interior lights stay on, the power doors work sometimes, the battery drains when the car is off, the dash lights blink on and off.

The car is not worthless, it needs fixed.
You can’t afford to ?? you can’t afford NOT to.
Where’s the rainy day savings you’ve always known you should have for just such occasions ?

There was a recall issued in 2002 ( # 02-s-33 ) concerning the wire harness that passes through the body at the right rear quarter.

A short here, any of those to ground or to each other, could produce a host of issues.

Has this recall ever been performed on your car ?

Have your Ford dealer run your v.i.n. to know both; has it been done ? does it need done ?

All other electrical connections on a car that age are also subject to moisture intrusion, corrosion, loose contacts etc.
Check connections at the ignition switch, multi/turn/wiper switch, and every harness to harness plug.
Un-plug ,clean, check plug end tightness ( each wire in the gang ), re-plug etc.
Look at every thing for chaffed and worn.

Do you have a dog who loves to hang out in the shade under the car ?
Look for chewed wires.

Don’t feel like your the lone ranger. Windstars have had problems from day 1. I am not a Ford hater since I have had 2 Taurus’s and those cars are bulletproof IMOO.

Windstars have had a host of problems.
power locks
interior lamps
speedometer needle jumping

My Mother In law is having the same issues with her 2001 Windstar.

It ends up being not the main vehicle computer but a 2nd one that controls the functions you describe going haywire has failed. The part new is $700 at Ford Dealer however at salvage yards is running $100 for the part with self pickup.

Not sure on labor however you can try self install. But this is the likely culprit. It fixed my Mother in laws vehicle.