Windstar Buzz


My 1998 Ford Windstar has a buzz on! Buzz, I call it rather than a

> vibration. I’m one of T & R’s schoolmates so think I can define buzz as a very

> low level non-smoothness that appears to be like metal contacting metal

> somewhere it should not. Car in general runs fine with power, response,

> shifting smoothness, etc, etc normal It has about 92,000 miles on it.

> The buzz is definately in the engine or perhaps exhaust(?) system. Same in

> and out of gear, accelerating, stopped, moving, etc stays the same, and

> changes frequence with engine rpm. Can feel at idle directly by touching the

> engine, or in the steering wheel. Very slightly audible.

> I know this Windstar is on Consumer Reports “Don’t even think of buying

> one” list. But my daughter conned me into it about 5 years ago. It has given

> good reliable service, and surprisingly good,(25mpg!) trip mileage. Last

> Summer had to replace a leaking power steering unit, and front wheel

> bearings. That’s all.

> So sometime when at least T or R is sober, (How do I tell?), what

> could my buzz be? (Or should it be Buzz Bee?)


If you have not changed the serpentine belt, turn the engine on and try a little bit of water on it see if it goes away, or else just replace it.

It might also be the water pump. With a long screw driver, engine running, put the tip of the driver on the pump and the handle to your ear, to see it’s comming from there. Do the same with the alternator and the idlers and tensioners.


I don’t know about Tom and Ray drinking, buy Ray likes donuts I guess. It could be a catalytic converter shield rattling.