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Buzzing noise while driving at low speeds or turning

I drive a 1997 Honda Odyssey, which has started making a distinct buzzing noise from the right front when I drive at low speed or turn the car. No problems with braking or steering, and the noise goes away when I drive over 35 MPH. The buzzing lasts for 5 seconds or so, then stops. Any suggestions for a diagnosis would be appreciated.


Power steering reservoir full to the proper mark?

Agree, check the power steering fluid. If it isn’t low and you can still hear the buzz coming from the power steering the pump may be failing. When you hear the buzz while stationary, turn the steering wheel left and right. If the pitch of the buzz changes that confirms the buzz is coming from the power steering.

Thanks much to both of you. I checked the power steering level and it was actually above the maximum line. Does this mean I should have the power steering flushed and replaced? The buzz is pretty loud, particularly when turning at low speeds.