2009 Honda Ridgeline: Help needed to find where this buzz is coming from

Help needed to figure out where this buzz is coming from. (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

It’s hard to hear on a video (the sound doesn’t start until 10 seconds in) but there is this intermittent, high-pitched buzz. Actually quite loud in real life. Very annoying.

The sound is near/around the dashboard, is the best I can narrow down. Definitely around the front driver side.

Please help find where this buzz is coming from. It’s intermittent, cannot reliably reproduce the noise, but happens usually between 35mph~60mph, mostly around 40-45mph. Goes away if more than 65mph, and usually not below 35mph. No change in pitch or frequency with speed or acceleration. Only happens when car is on the road so can’t reproduce while stationary and revving engine. Doesn’t matter if engine is hot or cold. Turning AC on or off doesn’t change anything. But I do think it’s louder and more frequent when the weather is hotter (I live in Houston, right now it’s 80-90F) because the sound did not bother me during winter times. I really appreciate y’alls help.

A loose exhaust heat shield can cause a loud buzzing noise.


Thanks for the reply. But wouldn’t that rattle if I rev the engine? My noise cannot be reproduced when the car is not moving.

Sometimes conditions must be just right for an exhaust shield to start to resonate and buzz.


Ok! I’ll look in to it. I appreciate your help!

You vehicule sound very loud.I suspect a bad wheel bearing.

The buzz sound going away above 65 mph is inconsistent with a bad wheel bearing. But if you know you drove through high water (water level above the hubs) last winter it’s worth having that theory tested by your shop. Wheel bearing problems tend to develop about 6 months after water exposure. Loose exhaust supports is a good idea too. My guess however is some kind of driveline vibration. If your vehicle uses a driveshaft carrier bearing (support bearing), that’s where I’d be looking. Especially if the driveshaft has been monkeyed with at your shop.

Thanks for the reply. I recently had my rack and pinion replaced so the dealer looked at most mechanical parts. I also have not driven through high water but I also bought this second hand about a year ago so can’t say it hasn’t. And the noise was there a year ago. I have a hard time believing it’s a mechanical problem… drives well, steers well, doesn’t change noise with acceleration or deceleration or revving engine. The sound really does sound like a reed vibrating, like a Kazoo.