Windstar brake warning light

The brake warning light comes on sometimes when I back my 2001 Windstar down the drive and apply the brakes at the end. Usually the right rear drum squeals too. After I drive forwards about 20 or 30 feet the light goes out. Brake fluid level looks OK to me.

Do you apply the parking brake when the vehicle is parked? If so, the warning light may mean the parking brake is not fully disengaged. This is usually a switch adjustment problem, rather than a parking brake problem, but it’s something to check.

could also be an ABS issue, but I’m guessing it’s an extremely low pad that’s causing the brake fluid to get low on pressure when you hit the brakes.

No, I don’t apply the parking brake (lazy me, but Illinois is pretty darn flat!). So far the mechanics have never spotted anything and I would have thought they would see a worn shoe. I’m pretty certain it is tied to the rear brakes, the squeal is definately from there. Also, it doesn’t always happen. I’d have thought a worn show or pad would apply the same effect each time. Ho hum, I suppose I can go site that stuff and see.

Depending on the milage, replace the rear brakes. I had to replace them on my wife’s car around 54K, of course that is her driving. If you have added brake fluid in the resent past, that means the brakes are worn. Have never seen a Windstar that brake fluid has to be added for any other reason than a leak. I fluid level is low, your brakes are worn.