White film on windshield


After returning from Florida’s love bug season, I used Klean Rite Bug remover with purple power on my car. After it’s use I developed a white film on my windshield where the wipers rub. I contacted Aiken Chemicals, the manufacturers, and they suggested I use rubbing alcohol to remove what was probably wax in the spray. I had already tried that, as well as acetone, and a very fine steel wool in the corner to see if that would help. Nothing has worked. My mechanic suggested Coca Cola, but I don’t want to be attacked by hornets while working in my driveway. Any ideas?




[b]Try removing it with Brasso metal polish.



You probably should try some kind of glass polish instead of a cleaner. A polish will have some abrasive in it that will remove what was left behind by the treatment you used. You can find glass polishes in the area of auto part stores where they have detailing supplies. If you don’t find a glass polish, try a mild rubbing compound. Then after you get it off, replace your wiper blades because your old ones will have some remaining residue on them that will just put the treatment back on the windshield.