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Windshield wipers

Is there a windshield wiper blades designed especially for use in snowy, icy, freezing weather (you know, New England from September through April)?

Also–in general, wiper blade change every six months?

Winter Blades Are Available. They Wear Thin Black Rubber Jackets Over The “Frame” Part Of The Blade Where The Ice Sticks And Accumulates. It Falls Off The Rubber Much More Readily Than Metal.

All the Wal-Mart stores in my area sell them, as do most auto parts stores, brick and mortar or online.

Remove the winter blades in the spring and put regular ones on. You can probably get a couple of winters out of a set of blades.


An alternative to winter blades are the ‘beam’ blades now being sold by Michelin and others. I’d prefer them, good year-round. As for 6 months, that’s the recommendation, buy I go more on an annual replacement cycle.

remember to raise your blades before snow/ice to prevent damage to arms or to motor.

I used the rubber-booted blades for years, until the blade-type wipers came onto the market. Once I tried them, I now prefer the blade-type wipers for foul winter weather. They stay clear of ice buildup much better IMHO.

Mr. Mountainbike , may I ask why are you replying to 5 year old threads?

I don’t intentionally. This on slipped through the cracks.

It’s easy to check how old a thread is. Like TSM I sometimes forget. If it is something of interest I scroll down to the recent post(s). I sometimes learn something. If I don’t I’m certainly not going to let it upset me.