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Windshield wipers skip over the windshield

I have changed the windshield wipers of my Suburban but the wipers still skip across the glass instead of moving smoothly across the glass. The wipers are new and soft.

There may not be enough tension in the wiper arm spring.

Can you walk me through the fix for tightening the tension on the wiper arm spring?

Did you just install new inserts or a complete blade? skipping is usually caused by a incorrect angle,you may have to replace the complete blade,not just a insert,possibly the complete arm,any type of product like RainX on the glass?

Consider what ‘oldschool’ suggested/asked first.

There is no actual spring tension adjustment, all you can do is bend the arm toward the windshield for more pressure.

This happened to me last summer so I replaced the arm and all.

Also check the angle of the blade to the windshield. There should be none ! If the arm has ever been bent and a re-bend was attempted, they might have not gotten it parallel ( or perpendicular, depends on how you look at it ) to the glass. Aside from the flex of the rubber of the blade, the arm should hold the body of the blade exactly square to the glass ( = ) or ( T ). If this is not the case, bend the arm’s twist so that it is. You’ll need a tool, like pliers, to get leverage on the arm. Dont gram the blade to try to twist the arm.