2001 GMC Sonoma Windshield Wipers

The driver’s side windshield wiper is not removing the rain/dew from the windshield in certain spots. It’s almost as if there is a gap between the blade and the glass. How can I fix this?

When was the last time the blades were replaced? It may be as simple as installing new wipers.

Ed B.

I replaced them 4 days ago because of this very problem. I thought the blade change would fix it, but it hasn’t. Any suggestions? The passenger’s side is fine.

Did you just replace the rubber blade of the wiper? Or did you replace the whole blade assembly? If you just replaced the rubber blade, the bridge of the wiper might be distorted and not pushing the entire rubber blade onto the windshield.


I just replaced the rubber blade; not the whole assembly. I will do that.