Windshield wipers for the desert


I live in Albuquerque. I rarely use my

windshield wipers. I accidentally hit the

wiper lever recently. The arms moved but

the blades stayed stuck to the windshield.

Is it worth buying more expensive blades?

Will they stand up to sitting in the sun?

(I have no garage.) I found these prices:

RainX Latitude, $18

RainX WeatherBeater $8.28

TriplEdge, $7

Michelin $6.5

Anco $4.5

Pylon $3

Which would give me the most service for

the money?



I think you can buy the nicest wipers that you can find, and they will still rot out and leave themselves on your windshield.


Sticking rubber can happen to any wiper that hasn’t been used in a long time. Don’t expect anything different with expensive wipers. Simply pluck them off the glass each time you clean the windshield.


They’re right about expense, but let me suggest you simply pull the wiper arms up away from the windshield if the vehicle is left for a long period of time in the sun. Hopefully yours have a pull up locking feature.
Just remember to put them back down before driving. Once in the habit, it’ll become second nature.


I have seen desert dwellers simply remove their wipers and replace them with with little plastic or wood blocks to protect the windshield in case of accidental activation. The wipers are installed when needed…


No one should expect their blades to last more than six months. Get in the habit of wiping the bades off when you clean the windshield.


Just use it once a month or so. Use the washer to clean the windshield.