Windshield wiper residue

My fiancee drives an '08 Honda Fit. It came equipped with unusual wiper blades, a solid rubber design. Over the life of the car we have had whitish residue left every time we use the wipers with the washer fluid regardless of whatever brand we have used. Is it the blades? Are they disintegrating or something? I thought it was salt in the air(I live close to the beach in Southern California) but I’ve never had this problem with my car, an '07 Scion with more traditional wiper blades, which drives the same roads and is parked on the same street.

You need to replace the blades, they’re only good for one year. Thoroughly clean the windshield at the same time.

One year?! Jeez! I’ve never had to replace blades that soon. And that includes when I lived in New York, where it rains frequently. I hardly ever use them here.

Sun and ozone wear out the rubber. Put new ones on, clean the windshield, see how they do.

Rubber degrades over time, especially in the sun. I’d replace them at this point.

Do you use automatic car washes that put wax or protectant over the whole car? If so, that could be a factor also.

i use automatic car washes sometimes, but the windshield is spotless when i clean it with any gas station squeegee. and when it rains.

I guess that’s really all there is to do. Thanks.

I’m in New England and I usually replace wipers every 6 months. I do a winter set and a summer set. A year sounds pretty good depending on how much weather you have to drive though.

Sap and leaves will also chew up the blades faster.

And don’t worry about getting expensive ones - Consumer Rpts latest test recommended the basic Anco and Michelin blades as ‘best buys’, I’ve had good luck with the Michelins I bought at Walmart.

I also have used the Wal-Mart Michelins. They are great for the money–definitely worth the extra couple of bucks.

Sure it is cold, maybe a cleaning of the windshield with ispropyl alcohol will help, at least it wont freeze and may remove unwanted residue, and new wiper blades also,