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2014 Hyundai Elantra - Replace Washer Fluid Reservoir

I’m pretty sure my Washer Reservoir is leaking. I filled it up just 2-3 weeks ago and it’s already telling me to fill it up again. I know I filled it up more recently before that so I gotta check it out.

I cannot seem to find a video to replace the washer reservoir fluid – can you help? And where would be the best part to get a washer reservoir tank to replace it with? Amazon? I’m pretty new to self-repairs so any help would be great…

First fill it up and find the leak. It could be the tank, hoses, one of the connections, or the pump.


The front bumper cover must be removed to access the windshield washer reservoir and pump.

Before you buy any parts inspect the reservoir and hoses, rodents chew on the hoses causing leaks.

I’d get a new reservoir from the dealer. If you’re planning on performing other DIY repairs in the future, you would be well served ordering a factory service manual ( also from the dealer)

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Rockauto has them.,2014,elantra,2.0l+l4,3307601,wiper+&+washer,windshield+washer+fluid+reservoir,10585

The procedure shown is the same for your car.


A little easier in the ‘good old days’:

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Fill it up and clamp its hose closed as close to the tank you can get. If it stays filled, you know to look downstream for the leak. If it doesn’t…

Before going through a lot of gymnastics, determine if you are actually losing fluid and it’s not just a defective sensor in the tank.

Without question, it was a whole lot easier in “the good old days”.
On the other hand, those reservoir bags were so small that I could easily use all of its capacity in just a couple of hours after a snow storm when I was driving my father’s '66 Galaxie 500.

My Opel Kadett had a squeeze bulb to the left of the clutch pedal. (Where the dimmer switch had always been - but this car had that control on the left stalk.)