Windshield wiper motor

I have a 1995 Ford Bronco, and the windshield wipers stopped working. Are the wipers controlled by a motor that is easily replaced?

Hold on there Bucko. Don’t start by replacing a motor when it may be a switch, a fuse, linkage etc. Before replacing parts, let’s figure out what is really wrong.

Could you give us some detailed information on what happened? Where the wipers on when they stopped or did they just not turn on when you tried to turn them on? Did you try turning them on when the wipers were frozen to the windscreen? Had you turned off the ignition when the wipers were on?

The wipers were running slowly for several days. I do not think the wipers were frozen to the windscreen. The trouble started when I tried using the cleaning button. The liquid must have been frozen, but the wipers started. When the temperature rose above 32 degrees, I tried cleaning again. The wipers were still slow. I replaced the water with -20 degree washer fluid. The next day I pushed the cleaning button. Liquid squirted; wipers moved back and forth several times and stopped in the middle of the windscreen.