Windshield/wiper hell!

I have a 2002 Mazda Tribute. I am having a problem with the windshield and/or wipers on this vehicle. No matter what brand/grade/length (18" is recommended) of wiper I use, I get streaks after about 2 weeks of use. I have also tried to vigorously clean the windshield with alcohol, windex etc. I am at a loss b/c the streaks are so annoying! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Has the windshield been replaced? I was fine until I had to replace the windshield. Since then after many brands NAPA works best, but only a 3 to 6 month wiper blade life expectancy.

try wiping your windshield down with mineral spirits (paint thinner).

I will try that, as the myriad of other solutions, has not worked.

The wiper arm might have a twist in it. You may need to replace the whole arm so that the blade is perpendicular to the windshield. If you can see that the blade is not perpendicular, you might try to twist the arm so that it is, but it is difficult to get just the right angle in it.

Try applying Rain-X or an equivalent brand. I find that it makes wipers work better.

Rainex was ok until l turn on the wipers. A 10 or 20 wipes of smear seems SOP.

Windshield is original to the vehicle. Will also have a loof at the wiper arm to see if it is bent. Thx! Rain-X is a disaster!