Windshield Water Spots

I live in the tropics and have not found a way to remove water spots from my windshield. Short of sand blasting the windshield, is their a simpler solution?

What’s the source of the spots, rains or ocean spray?

Have you tried something with a surfactant, like diswashing detergent?

Bon Ami is an old detailer’s trick. I have never tried it. I use Rain-x regularly and not much sticks to the windshield.

I’d be inclined to try to Bon Ami on an inconspicuous corner of the glass first. The Bon Ami that I’m familar with is an abrasive cleansing powder.

You have to use the right Bon Ami product. The product on the right can be used on glass.


Correct, you want the yellow label, not the gold. I’ve heard of people using the gold and causing some scratches.

If your water supply has a high lime content, use some vinegar in water to clean your windshield!