Windshield that stays unclear during rain

During rain, water stays in a blotchy fashion over the windshield. When this problem first happened, we changed the wipers. Then we used every windshield cleaning product on the market without success. We also changed the wipers a second time. Also, I have used soapy water, alcohol, and ammonia. Nothing seems to help the problem. Our glass and car looks like someone dropped the sponge in the gravel when cleaning it so there are find circular scratches over the car and glass. I am wondering if I need to have a new windshield put in.

Check your insurance, some cover windshields with no deductable… then hix your problem with a hammer

Maybe Rain-X is worth a try. Some people like it and some people don’t, but in your position you might as well try it.

Rain-X won’t repair scratches. Replace the windshield if it is in fact scratched.

No, it won’t help with the scratches, but it sounds like the main complaint is blotchy areas that don’t clear well with the wipers. Maybe the effect with Rain-X would be acceptable here.

Rain-X will help with forward visibility in the rain. Applied correctly, its a great product, but it won’t remove the scratches. If the windshield is scratched, then the Rain-X has to be applied much more frequently than with a smooth windshield, so you may want to get it replaced soon, then use Rain-X.

If there’s stuff on the glass that won’t come off with regular soap and water, and isn’t actual scratches, you may be able to use Bon-Ami. I use it a couple of times a year on my windshields, and it does a fine job of removing road film.

That’s worked well for me too. Certainly worth a try before having the windshield replaced.

Edit - also replace the wipers again when you do this, just in case they’re contaminated.

Is Bon-Ami a very fine abrasive?

I have had windshields that would not come clean with conventional cleaners as well.
I use a fine abrasive powder from Watkins called “Nothin’s Better” Water Stain Remover. It does a really good job of taking any foreign material off glass.

You actually can polish scratches and pits out of glass with a mechanical polisher and appropriate abrasives, but it is not worth the time and expense.

On the offchance that someone in the past has done something to that windshield with something they should not have been using, you might consider using powdered pumice and super cerium oxide.

This is used to polish glass, optical lenses, etc. and I think (not sure here) that some very high end cars such as Rolls Royce and Bentley have their windshields polished with these products at the factory during the construction of the cars.

Something to consider.