Cleaning dirty windows

I have a new (2011) Buick Lucerne and CANNOT get the windshield(s) & windows clean. I have tried everything I know to try…Windex, automobile-rated glass cleaner, vinegar & water, newspaper instead of paper towels, etc. Nothing works. When the sun hits either the front or rear glass, a messy smear all over the glass is there, and no amount of spraying & wiping seems to do any good. Any suggestions??? Thanks.

Bon Ami . It doesn’t scratch glass but it gets all the junk off .

Use warm water and just a few drops of dish washing fluid.

Take a rag and wet it in the water solution…clean with the rag…then wipe dry with a clean cotton towel/cloth.

Ammonia. It will remove anything from a windshield. Just put it directly on a cloth and be prepared for a strong smell. It’s the “go to” solution in a lot of detail shops.

I’ve used Formula 409 to remove decals from windows, followed by cleaning with water, so it might work here.

Are you cleaning both inside and outside surfaces?

If the Bon Ami didn’t work try Pinesol mixed with some warm or cold water. I don’t usually follow the mixing instructions, I just pour some in. An if that does not work, maybe the window is defective and if your lucky, insurance will replace it.

Don’t use ammonia. Ammonia will dissolve any antiglare coatings on the glass. Dishwashing detergent (diluted) followed by a clear water rinse. Use a microfiber towel for drying.

If that doesn’t work, stop by the optical shop at wallyworld and get a bottle of glasses lens cleaner. It works very well. Bon Ami is the next step. This stuff is very difficult to get off, but I have found that using a microfiber towel for drying either after the dishwashing liquid or the glasses cleaner seems to cut it better than a cotton towel. You have to rub hard.

In response to - “Don’t use ammonia. Ammonia will dissolve any antiglare coatings on the glass.”

That’s true in regards to computer and television monitors, but the glass used for windshields and windows on cars don’t have anti-glare coatings.

If ammonia isn’t cleaning your glass, something unusual was put on the glass. Unless you can identify the material that was spilled or applied, or maybe even if you can, it may not be something you can clean.

A claim should be made with the dealership that sold you the car. If they don’t help you, write the regional manager.

If this is a real problem, you should be able to get it fixed.

Write letters and keep records. Also, consider consulting a local consumer protection agency.

Good luck.

Do you use Armor All on the dashboard? If so, that can cause the inside window to get hazy, especially when it sits in the sun.

After you get the windshield clean, consider getting a windshield sun screen. Whatever it si that outgasses inside the car won’t get to the windshield, or the item won’t get hot enough because the sun screen keeps the interior cooler.