Windshield washer motor

my washer motor doesn’t run anymore on my 2010 hyundai accent blue . i need to find where the motor is located and if there is a fuse that i can’t find where the fuse box under the hood is located .

I don’t know the Hyundai very well but…
The owners manual outlines which fuse is which.
Get a parts diagram from the dealer as a quick and cheap way to see where it is.

As a Ford parts man I know how helpful the parts diagrams can be without purchasing a service manual. Ours are printed out for free.

On my Camry, the motor is located directly under the reservoir. Trace the tubing back from the nozzles to find yours. The problem could be the motor, a fuse, wiring, or the switch.

A 2010? Check your warranty to see if the dealer should be taking care of this for you.

Your Owner’s Manual will give you information about the location of the fuse box(es) for this car.

However, if a fuse has blown, that means that there is an electrical problem on that circuit.
I have rarely–if ever–had a blown fuse on my cars in 45 years of driving.
And, that leads to the inevitable question:

Are you aware that you have a Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty that covers EVERYTHING on the car (with the possible exception of wiper blades and brake pads) for…something like 3 yrs/36k miles?

Why would you bother to incur any repair expense on a fully-warrantied car???