Windshield Treatments

I just purchased a new Toyota and the dealer tried to sell us several dealer options such as undercoating, interior and exterior finish insurance etc. One of these was a windshield treatment that purported to shed rain, dirt, snow, BB guns, etc. We refused all their offers, but it occurred to me that this windshield treatment might be a good thing, just not for several hundred dollars. In a quick on-line search about all I found were references to RainX and Aquapel. It appears that the Aquapel product is fairly well thought of, but has a life of about 6 months before needing to be re-applied. Was it Aquapel they were trying to sell me or some industrial strength product that is not available at retail?

Just as the interior treatment is a proprietary version of ScotchGard, and the exterior treatment is just glorified car wax, the glass treatment is also a grossly-overpriced version of what you could buy in an auto store. If you really want this stuff on your windshield, you can do it yourself in a few minutes for a mere fraction of what the dealership would charge.

Windshield treatment…RAIN-X.

I’ve yet to see the dealer option that was actually needed. Not to mention their outrageous costs.

Just changed the wipers on my wife’s car and the new wipers came with FREE a Rain-X treated cloth that you rub on the windshield and let the wipers spread it around for 5 minutes. It works great so far. You can actually run the wipers on the dry windshield without them clattering or squeaking.

You can likely buy this stuff at a much much lower price at any auto supply store.

You did right in refusing. I’m just amazed that they would claim protection against BB guns! The nerve of these guys never ceases to amaze me!

Rain-X or Aquapel will last as long as they stuff the dealership was selling. Just use whichever you like better. I use Rain-X whenever I go on a long trip.

I have experience with Rain-X, no idea what they were selling at the dealership but I’m sure it was good profit for them and little value to you.

Rain-X is great for windscreens on full face motorcycle helmets. If you get caught in a rain shower the water beads up and quickly runs off the shield. It allows you to see perfectly even without wiping off the windscreen.

On a car the same thing happens. At 50mph and up the water just runs off the windshield and you don’t need the wipers at all.

Application is easy and it lasts for a few months depending on how much rain you get and other factors. It’s good stuff.

Rain-x and ScotchGuard at your local store… DONE…

The best thing about rain-x is that improves your forward visibility in the rain, regardless of speed or whether you are using your wipers or not. Its best to do it yourself though.

You can buy the same thing at the store and it will take just a few minutes to apply. It will be the same stuff the dealer uses.

Some people love it, others hate it.

My advice, ignore everything the dealer tries to sell you any time you are buying a car. Sometimes it would be best not to even buy the car. :slight_smile:

What was the cost of the windshield treatment? I’m dying to know!!!

I use Aquapel on my vehicles, it does last about 6 months and it is a great product. Keep in mind it does not replace wipers.

I sell Aquapel at my shop for…$12.99. And we apply the product. Actually I give away more than I sell.
It is sold at auto parts stores.

Here’s a test - have the salesman put it on their own car’s windshield, and have at it with a BB gun…

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Rain-shedding windshield treatment for several hundred dollars? That needs to be redone every six months?

Wow! Were you driving off the African coast perchance? Only a pirate would offer that.

Seriously, the psrt store will sell you the same product for a few bucks. There’s a few different brand names, so you can choose.

My son likes the RainX. I just keep a fresh set of blades on my car and have excellent vision in all weather.

It is no2 mid July 2019 and we have a new Toyota in our garage. I negotiate ahead of looking at cars at any dealership, they get one price, all inclusive. If they offer me something else to buy, I will think they are selling an incomplete product and the deal will be off. This has worked wonders, making the buying experience pleasant and prices quite fair. There is always a small ritual that I permit, where the finance fellow must follow dealership policy and present the extras. They give me a sheave of papers, I initial I was shown and in a few seconds we have both got what we wanted. Today, oh my, the finance guy also had to hold and shake a bottle of orange brown liquid with little silver balls in it, allegedly their proprietary windshield treatment which is ten times harder than glass.
“Oh, wow, I’ll get back to you on that one.” Next year they will be selling replacement icebergs to Greenland.

Here we go again, ten years later. At any rate, RainX is just a few dollars at the store. I don’t use it though except on my shower doors. Not having used it on my car, I did have the occasion of my wipers failing 30 miles from home in the rain. The non-treated windshield shed the water just fine and I didn’t really have a problem. Do what makes you feel good though.