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Aquapel vs RainX

Does anyone know the differences between Aquapel and RainX? Which is better? Which lasts longer? Thanks for advice.

I do not know the chemical differences but Aquapel lasts about 6 months, or at least thats when I reapply it. I have not used Rain-X but I heard it streaks heavily and does not last long. Aquapel really works.

I prefer good windshield wipers.

If you’ve never tried any of this stuff it is well worth giving it a whirl. It really makes tremendous visibility difference - esp as the rain gets harder. I keep good wipers on too, of course.

I have tried it…and HATED IT. Good wipers work best.

I’ve only tried Rain-X once. I couldn’t wait for it to wear off. Never again.

RainX works just fine for me. It is especially great for those severe downpours where windshield wipers are not enough. One time I used it when I was driving at 4:00 AM in Nowhere, LA in really heavy rain. With no light from the sky and good windshield wipers, it made a huge improvement in visibility. Now I apply it before every trip and I keep it in my car in case I need it for local driving. I just pull into a covered gas station, clean the windshield, and apply it according to the directions.

I would not have written that if I had not tried it. I do understand the theory and practice. I just prefer wipers to wax. It is possible that if my driving habits changed and I was driving under different conditions, I might go for the stuff, but I don’t see that happening.

I just prefer wipers to wax.

Joseph, isn’t that a false choice? After all, neither of these products (Aquapel or RainX) is designed to replace your wipers.

I tried this kind stuff when I first was things like it first hit the market, and I too HATED it - it had the tendency to leave this film across my windshield no matter what by blades were like. Swore it off.

A few years later I had it on a rental car - wow was all I had for it. So I bought the recent versions and now hate not having it.