Diamon-Fusion Windshield Treatment - Scam?

Buying a new car, the dealer is trying to sell me this Diamon-Fusion windshield treatment. They want close to $400, so I’m not likely to bite, but just curious it anyone has used this stuff. The claim is some “nano-technology” actually strengthens the windshield. And makes water run off. Thanks

I like Rain-X washer fluid for making water bead off. I’d have to buy an awful lot of it for the price differential compared to cheap-o fluid to amount to $400. As far as strengthening the windshield, make sure you have glass coverage in your insurance policy.

In other words, it sounds like a scam to me.

I don’t know what kind of car you’re buying, but I replace my windshield every few years/100K miles for about $250 when it becomes pitted.

The typical price is $199-$300. Yes, it works and works quite well, but… it only lasts about three months. Then you must reapply a coating yourself or bring it in to the dealer for treatment. I’m sure the dealer charges for each visit, just in case anyone is determined to renew his coating so often.

Good product, totally overpriced and some people hate it. It does not last anywhere close to long enough to make it worth it. Buy a few new good quality windshield wipers, you will be ahead.

save yourself $395 and buy a container of Rain-X wipes from walmart. same kinda stuff

I’m surprised that it’s so cheap. If it is really a chemical vapor deposition process as stated at the DFI URL then the windshield must be removed, delivered to the processor, placed into a vacuum chamber, and treated with the silicone chemical vapor. I think that I’d avoid it if it has to be retreated in a CVD chamber any more often that every 5 to 10 years. If you have to pull the glass and pay a few hundred bucks, just get new glass.

Rain-X is great stuff. You can even drive in the rain without the need for windshield wipers. The rain just rolls off. HOWEVER, be mindful that once you begin using this stff, you need to continue to reapply it every few weeks. Otherwise, it will take a dozen or so rain events with splotchy wiper action to eventually wear the stuff off.