Windshield tags

Have looked online haven’t found an answer, hope someone here can shed some light. Have had my windshield tagged with dots and I clean it off with alcohol. Sometimes they’re small, last one was the size of a quarter, always around the edges. Anyone know what these tags are supposed to mean?

I notice yellow chalk marks on my tires sometimes, the police I presume trying to determine if I’m parking in the same place for too long. My guess, something similar, to do w/parking restrictions.

Perfect round circles? Paint? You need to describe them more.

I know what night be called tags . These sound more like spots and you could say where you get them because right now I don’t think anyone can make a good guess.

RUMOR CONTROL: White Sticker or Dot on Windshield – Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office (
Deputies: Strange white dots tagged on Chester County cars not linked to sex trafficking (

Use a razor blade to clean them off. Works quicker.


Yeah was using my key along with the alcohol wipe. Just what was on hand.

Good advice, hadn’t been paying attention as to where or when. Will start now.

Spotted that, funny how they don’t know what it is but it ain’t that. Right now am guessing that it’s kids messing with people.

They are spots. Called them tags bc it feels like the car is being “tagged” or marked deliberately rather than just nature. First time noticed was a few years ago wasn’t keeping track . Thinking one time it was three tiny dots in a pyramid shape other times just one tiny dot, always around the edges of the window so you don’t notice them when you get in. Think different times were different colors, usually on the passenger side. The one yesterday was different in that it was about the size of an oval quarter hidden behind the oil change tag on the upper black section of the window in the driver’s side. About as detailed as I’m going to get.

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That would be a great guess, but we’re usually in lots: market, docs, hardware store… not street parking.

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