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Blue flyer stained my windshield

On a Friday after work someone put an ad under my windshield wiper. It rained all weekend and by the time I used my truck again on Monday, and removed the flyer, my windshield had what appears to be a permanent imprint of the (very blue) flyer. I’ve had the truck washed, I’ve scrubbed at the spot with brushes, nothing seems to work.

From the outside the image looks like a faint blue outline, but from inside I can almost read parts of it the picture is so clear. There’s no real “substance” to it on the outside, nothing to scrape or scrub at. I’m really afraid to try various cleaners because the truck is new and I’d hate to do something that messes up the paint near this spot. So far I’ve only used soap and water. Any advice is appreciated!

I would try leaving it in direct sunlight for a few days. Maybe stick a sheet of aluminum foil on the dashboard underneath, with the shiny side up.

And with the wiper arm up…

I might try (very carefully) rubbing it with a paper towel dampened with Clorox. VERY carefully…then wipe with a damp paper towel, only water. Then flush it with a hose.

If those don’t work, I’ve always found a dab of toothpaste (not the gels) on a fingertip, actually works very well at cleaning those very hard to get marks off of glass. I wouldn’t use it on paint, but for glass…

Try BonAmi (for glass) and see if that polishes it out. Otherwise it may be a trip to the glass shop to have it removed. Hope you saved the flyer so you can bill them for the damage. I hate people touching my car and my windshield wipers cost me $35 each so hands off.

I’d go after whoever put the flyer on the windshield. Whatever organization it is. Make them pay.

You didn’t do anything, but your vehicle is damaged. THEY damaged your vehicle with their flyer.

Go after them.

I’ve cleaned glass with Brasso and a lot of scrubbing.