2015 Chrysler Town & Country - Spots on Windshield

When driving the car and wearing sunglasses, I see polka dots in the driver’s window, passenger next to driver’s window, sometimes the front windshield and the back windshield. I got my eyes checked and new glasses, and this still happens. I wonder if the protective coating in the window has failed. I took my glasses back, and the doctor could also see these polka dots in the windows using my glasses.

Does it have the auto on windshield wiper function?

Are your sunglasses polarized?


My sunglasses are polarized. However, this has never happened with any other car that I have rented or owned. There is an auto on the windshield wiper function.

I don’t know if the auto on feature is causing this, but the auto on utilizes some sort of lights that travel through the glass from the bottom to the top. When water droplets get on windshield the light beam gets distorted and activates the wipers. I’m just wondering if your glasses are picking up something due to these light Ray’s traveling through the window. Just a bunch.