Windshield Replacement Costs

I need to replace my windshield and am surprised at the difference in price between the after-market and OEM versions. I expected that there would be some premium for the OEM version, but certainly not many hundreds of dollars. Does this reflect a significant difference in the quality of after-market vs. OEM windshields, or is this essentially what brand premiums command nowadays?

could be the brand name on the wind shield most after market wind shields come with a tint strip across the top

Do you have comprehensive auto insurance? Check your policy, or ask your agent, glass replacement may be covered with no deductible. It is where I live.

I can only relate my cheapo replacement windsheild smears rain for 20 seconds or so then it is fine. I have tried every remedy known to car talk and other than replacing the wipers every 3 months I have found no cure. Yes I think there is a difference.

Depending on options for the vehicle, it may be worth the extra $$$ to go OEM. I know my rain and light sensors for my CX-7 are located on the front windshield where the mirror is attached. While I don’t really use the auto features for either of them(I don’t have intermittent option, just auto, constant slow, constant fast and single use), I imagine it’d be prudent to replace with OEM

yup they charge bucks. Everyone uses the comp policy on the insurance to replace the windscreen. The hundreds of dollars are the insurance cos that will pay. So you say (if you have this insurance) My wife can’t see on coming traffic in the rain cause the windscreen is so pitted. Automatic replacement.

OEM and aftermarket glass is usually one in the same…Car makers don’t make their own glass…I bet it’s all made by 4 or 5 companies who have been making it for years…