Old, pitted windshield

Is it possible to restore a pitted windshield? Mine has no cracks or chips in it but it’s 20 years old now, and very hard to see thru when the sun hits it right. I don’t mind replacing it but prefer not to add it to the landfill overflow if it’s fixable.

Then there’s the quality question; Mercedes wants $1,600, the mobil glass guys want around $300; is a Mercedes brand windshield worth 5 times the cost of a generic windshield?

Are there different quality levels? Newer windshields seem to crack all the time these days, where as mine has held up for 20 years.

I replace my benz windshield every few years/100K miles with the after-market glass for about $200-300. I wouldn’t use the dealer glass unless it’s a show car that needs to have the correct markings, I doubt the dealer glass will resist pitting any better. The after-market glass still meets the DOT requirements.

Your insurance company might be happy to replace this windshield for free, waiving the deductible. In some states insurance companies are required to waive the deductible for windshield replacement and repair.

The answer is that it might be fixable, but it would not be practical. You could try putting Rain-x on the windshield. It basically coats the windshield with a coat of wax.

Go with the cheap one. There isn’t enough difference to justify the costly one.

Your lucky. Usually they crack because of hits from road objects no other reason except if there is an install issue or defective glass to start with.

I lived 10 years with a Honda windshield that was nearing danger due to terrible glare after 225k miles of New England driving. It was one of many reasons I dumped the car but I did not like although replacement was about the same price.

Likely the Mercedes dealer is hiring the same glass guy and pocketing the difference. There is no quality differences. As suggested, check with your insurance company. They have a vested interest in your safety and they like you to be able to see clearly.

I’ll pretty much gurantee you that Mercedes does NOT make their own glass. It’s made for them by some glass manufacturer. One glass company here in NH replaces the glass for pretty much ALL the dealers. So you go to the dealer pay $500 for them to replace the windshield…or you go to the glass company directly and pay $200…EXACT SAME WINDSHIELD.

Last time I checked, the benz dealer did sell the correct OEM glass, with all the correct markings (I don’t know who their supplier is, but I doubt they are in NH). I don’t know if they also sell the after-market products, but i doubt it. If you do need the correct glass, go to the dealer. If the car is a driver (not a show car), I consider the glass a maintenance item and just buy good quality after-market glass. The after-market glass is very cheap, so you can just replace it every couple of years when it starts to get pitted. Make sure they install it correctly to avoid leaks.

What model is your benz?

Use the generic. I’ve had a few winshields replaced and the generics have been problem free. All windshield glass must meet the same fed specs.

Last time I checked, the benz dealer did sell the correct OEM glass

Please tell me who made the OEM glass…I’ll tell you who it wasn’t…it WASN’T Mercedes.

Tell me what’s the difference if I buy glass made by manufacturer A sold to Mercedes and the glass from Manufacturer A that’s made for a Mercedes??

I thought I was clear, the after-market glass meets the specs and works just fine (that’s what I use for windshields). The glass from the dealer has all the correct markings and is only important for a show car that must be correct. My original glass is marked with a benz star and has the name “Sekurit.” If you need the correct markings, you should go to the dealer, if not get the after-market stuff.

Apparently, this is the parent company of the OEM supplier:


This is their auto glass company:


I’m not sure I understand the point of your question.

I’m not sure I understand the point of your question.

I don’t either. So, what was the point, Mike?