Windshield replacement by mobile service or storefront?

I need to replace a windshield. There are more mobile service companies than storefront shops
in my area. Price difference is minimal, maybe $10. Warranty the same. Difference may be also
who the glass supplier is. Can a mobile service, one installer/ contractor, perform as good as having the work done in a shop?


Yes, no problem. in fact, it can be preferable to have your windshield replaced in your garage and let the car sit overnight so the bonding/sealing urethane cures more fully before you stress it by driving.

so the windshield is light enough to be handled by one person?

They have a mechanical arm that positions the glass , you really have nothing to worry about here.

Yes, one person with good tools.

Agreed on the mobile service being just fine.

skipped the sound though

did you use one?

Yes, a few years ago. I had a mobile service come replace my windshield on my car while parked in my office parking lot. Seems like the price was comparable, if not equal, to taking the car to a shop, but super convenient.

As I recall, my involvement consisted of meeting the guy when he got there…and then paying him when he was done. Very easy and painless. I had no issues afterwards. I’d do it again if I had to, just for the convenience.

use them routinely in my fleet. Mobile replacement is fine.

Not a problem provided the weather cooperates. I’ve had both done but in the winter, they did it in my garage. Here though the mobile guys are from the store front.

I had my windshield replaced in my garage, took about an hour. The tech had a cool tool that held the new glass and swung it into place. The tech said the glue dries in less than an hour. I left it alone overnight. The glass was like new, no leaks. I live in PA and we have a annual inspection sticker in the windshield. He could not legally move it over but made sure I had it in hand pretty much intact. I was able to put it on and it looked OK to the casual observer.

Once you see it done you might want to go into the business yourself.

The only problem techs have in replacing a windshield with their mobile Vans is when temps get too cold. The adhesive likes to be hot. Most will have heaters in the van, but when temps are too cold it just won’t work right. The good companies will tell you when it’s too cold. One company around here won’t do a mobile replacement if temps are below 15F.

I tried to do that once. The shop replaced windshields both ways. I made a mobile appointment, then they called and said they would waive the deductible if I had the work done in the shop. I didn’t mind driving 15 minutes to get the insurance to pay the full load.